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Exclamation 94 S 500 Air Conditioning Problems again

I had a 3 K evaporator job done on my car less than 500 miles ago. This car has only 11000 miles on it! Now the area around the compressor has oily green spots on it. I assume this is from the dye which remains in the R-134 system from the past. Any one have any thoughts on what is gone now? There is no dye on the compressor pully, only spots on the stabilizer bar under the compressor area. Compressor seals? The sensor on the side of the unit? How about costs for a compressor job. Rebuilt or new? Or just a seal job. As the car sat for long periods of time, am I in for more headaches in this area??

This is getting expensive! My extended warranty co. would not pay for the evaporator job because of the dye existing in the system ment that the evaporator was bad prior to their warranted date. I am still fighting that one. I imagine they will pull the same for this repair.

Thanks to All
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