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This Job Put To Bed

Greetings All,

Just to let you know how things turned out and what I finally ended up doing. Seeing as the manual isn't clear on whether or not owners of pre 04/86 300E models are suppose to continue the use of the eccentric bolt on the torque strut I opted to use it. Seeing as the manual made to many notes on marking this item, I did just that and used the same bolt over and replaced the locking nut. The ride seems totally firm in the rear end now with no give at all, as it should be. If you do decide to replace your torque struts job 35-111 on your cd manual, do not buy the retrofit sleeves, they are not needed for this job. You will however need a new lower bolt, washer and nut as well as a new nut for the eccentric bolt. If your 300E is made prior to 04/86 you will need to still use the eccentric bolt for rear toe adjustment as the housing it fits into is oblong and requires this adjustment to be make. The new strut has firmer rubber installed on it, but the holes line up exactly to the old model, so the eccentric bolt is thus still required.

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