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Question What does 400E first gear start relay do?

I read from the previous post regarding which gear 400E starts at, that 400E starts from 1st gear all the time.

Today when I browsed schematic diagram of 1992 400E, I found on page 164, there is a diagram specially for first gear start relay.

This relay seems to be controlled by the LH unit, in the schematic, it actually is in parallel with the Kickdown switch that locates under the gas pedal, so when it engaged, the effect is the same as kickdown.

Does anybody know what this first gear start relay does? does this indicate 1992 400E normally start in 2nd gear?

I feel my 92 400E extremely sluggish from stand still, but once speed is up, it's just like a bullet,

I know the extra high gear in rear differential hampers the low speed acceleration, is there anything else besides this?
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