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'81 380 SLC with oil leaks

Hi everyone,
I've got a non-mechanical friend who owns an '81 380 SLC. He loves the cars' looks (not me...) but is having a lot of trouble with oil leaks.

According to his explanation, I think he's got a rear main seal that's nearly gone AND something leaking at the cylinder head level pouring oil out onto one of the exhaust manifolds. Head gasket? Car leaves LARGE oil puddles all over the place.

Somebody quoted him $3000-5000 to fix saying the engine had to come out of the car and something about the heads.

My questions:
1) Can the rear main seal be replaced with the engine in the car? I'm thinking that the driveline and tranny can be dropped out of the way instead of yanking the engine out.
2) Would a cylinder head gasket leak oil THAT bad without ruining the engine internally?
3) What's the amount of time (flat rate manual) for changing a rear main seal?
4) What's the amount of time (flat rate manual) for changing a head gasket on this car with this engine?

As always, I greatly appreciate any responses from those MBZ technicians who are a part of this great group. Anyone else's responses are also welcome.
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