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Kevin ... I am still mulling the A/C system. I have heard only "cons" on it. The issue seems to be the power and torque of the engine and whether I want to put up with the power transfered to the A/C unit.

On your problem. I again doubt that it is fuel. You can easily test this hypothis by richening your fuel mixture by taking about two twists to lengthen the control rod to your injector pump. If this changes the sympthoms, then go the the manual and reset your linkages, a four or five step process.

My thoughts still revolve around an incorrect spark advance. To test this hypothis, advance your timming about 5/10 degrees and take it for a test drive. If this "fixes" the midrange problem, then set the timmng at 3000 RPM whith the vacuum advance disconnected and pluged, it should be 30 degrees BDC (I think, check the manual). Then check the advance curve with the one in the manual. Finally, reconnect the vacuum advance and adjust the idle.

Setting the timming at 3000 RPM removes centrifugal advance at low RPM problems. Also many people forget to remove and plug the vacuum advance which effects idle speed and advance.

When it is correct, it should run like a dream.

jim Villers
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