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Unhappy Help needed on 1980 300D Type II ACC

Hello to all,

I'm in urgent need of someone with some real experience on the Type II ACC, which is the one with the servo and the vertical pushbutton unit. I have had no vent operation except defrost for a while. I traced the problem to a vacuum leak behind the console. I have the dash unit out and the shifter cover out, but the center console is still in place. I've checked the vacuum switches (three yellow and one green plastic housing) and they hold fine. I'm trying to check the three way vacuum valves (? I think that's what they're called, they have anodized bronze housings and have two vac lines and electrical connectors going into the bottom) but it's not making sense to me. I'm also trying to check the p/b unit. Are the lines to the p/b unit supposed to hold vacuum when checked or would they always vent because they're rerouting the vacuum to another line?

I don't have the Type II manual so this is not going well. I've patched the system several times and troubleshot vacuum leaks before, but the access and not knowing what I'm looking for are killing me on this one. I thinkk the problem is going to be either the p/b unit or one of those valves, and neither one looks like a very pleasant replacement.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. This car isn't worth much but it runs extremely well and I want to get the system running again so I can run it rain or shine.


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