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reply from Mark via email . . .

Thanks Jim,

I did the tests and Test 5 varies between 38-44 while 7 varies between 7-16. The area in question with the green spots is new in the last 2 days (around 200 miles).

I cleaned the entire area up and removed the lower plastic cowl between the front of the car and the engine area and cleaned this also. It beats me how the spots get on the stabilizer bar and you can't see it coming from the compressor itself.

I think I mentioned that 2 days ago I found similar spots on the plastic air duct pipe from the front of the car, drivers side. I cleaned this up and have not seen them here again. It seems like something is spurting freon out under pressure, not aiming the same way all the time.

I am taking the car in to the shop on Monday. What do you think about the compressor replacement/rebuild? Or just seal replacement?

My reply:
From what you measured, it looks like the a/c is working ok! The measurements are typical of what you should see. If they continue to hold, then you do not have a leak!

Re the green stuff: maybe need to monitor your radiator and hose connections. I'm no a/c expert but a/c leaks under pressure won't appear as 'blobs'. They would be more of a 'spurt'. A typical scenario when a compressor leaks is a circular 'band' of oil around the bottom drip pan.

If it's bad, it probably should be replaced rather than rebuilt. But in your case (only 11K miles), maybe the seals way is better. But I wouldn't do anything until you are really sure it's bad.
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