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Long Term SLK 320 Storage

I did a forum search on long term auto storage and didn't find much information, and I asked the service representative at my MB dealership and he didn't have any information.

Here goes. I have a 2001 SLK 320 which was given to me as a gift. I'm keeping it in my mother's garage in California, and I travel from Texas once a month to drive it. I will probably want to leave it at my mother's for quite some time and it will not be driven much. I want to keep the car as pristine as possible and will probably let it sit for months on end. What should I do? Should I put it up on blocks and drain the oil? Disconnect the battery? The MB dealerships' only recommendation was to put as much air as possible, up to the maximum pressure as stated on the tire sidewalls, in the tires.

Open to suggestions!

Capt. Dave
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