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Engine Light Is On Again On 95 C220

The first time the engine light came on I took the car to my mechanic. He diagnosed the problem to be one of the O2 sensors. I had him replace both O2 sensors for maintenance reasons. The light was off afterwards. I then had some stalling problems and was recomended in this forum to replace the original OVP relay for the new replacement one. I ordered it from the Partshop and replaced it myself. When I replaced it I was under the impression that the engine light would come on then and you would have to unhook the battery for an hour to reboot the computer. The light did not come on after I replaced the relay and only after about 20 miles or so did it light up again. I then disconnected the battery to reboot the computer, thinking that it was taking several miles for the computer to recognize the new OVP relay. The light stayed off for about 70 miles or so and now it is on again. What could possibly be the problem now? Any help would be appreciated. The car has 60,000 miles. Thanks.
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