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An epoxy fix

I really like Larry's fix, but was unable to find the fitting he used. I opted for using a 1/8NPT X 5/16 hose nipple. Drilled the radiator overflow hole 1/64" larger dia. at a time to 11/32" and then tapped for the 1/8" NPT fitting. Roughed up the plastic and cleaned everything with brake cleaner. Used Permatex PermaOxy (1-min. set) epoxy on the threads of the fitting and screwed it in tight. Fitting is pretty stable at this point, but I too was concerned about the wall thickness of the plastic tank. I made a little "epoxy form" out of a piece of cardboard with a hole in the center and slid it over the hose nipple and made a second batch of epoxy to fill in about a 1/2" thick "wall" of epoxy outside the tank to reinforce the fitting. I have run about 400 miles with it and do not have the mushy problems with the epoxy when the engine is hot that others have described. This thing is now bulletproof compared to the stock form. Epoxy is about $4 and the fitting is another $2 - beats $200 for a radiator (of course mine isn't new either ).
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