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Used CLK 430

Hello. I'm new to this site & would appreciate any help. I'm looking to purchase a CLK430 within the next few weeks. I've done tons of research & narrowed my search down to about 5 vehicles in the US that meet my price range. I'm wondering if anyone has any info on 1999 Vs 2000? Also, there is one 2000 CLK430 in KC at an Acura dealership that looks really attractive. The carfax report came out clean. However, when I ran a VMI through MBUSA they said the car had been serviced in Houston at a Benz dealer there. I'm concerned because I've heard a lot of people tell me about flood cars that have been coming out of Houston. The last time it was serviced in Houston at MB of Houston, was in 4/14/01 with 11975 miles on it. It now has 14000 Miles & is in KC, Missouri. What advice can you guys give me on how to determine if this car was damaged in a flood. The Acura dealer where it's at now claims this car is clean.

One other thing. I've been reading posts stating that the early model CLK430's 1999 had some problems with the dash & the entire dash had to be replaced due to rattles & squeaks. However the 2000 year didn't have thse problems. Can someone make some input on this.

Thanks again for your help. I look forward to your responses.


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