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Good info!

OK, then my 0.9 Amps is too high, suggesting that my pump is starting to fail, probably due to years of crud building up on the pump pieces. I wonder if the pump can be disassembled and cleaned? I have the time and it would be nice to save a few bucks (if cleaning would help). At any rate, it explains why you can use a 1 Amp fuse and I have to go to 2 Amps.

It also tells all of us that, if we install a new pump or are able to operate our old pump as you do, on a 1 Amp fuse, that when the fuse starts to blow from time to time and changing the fuse doesn't help, that it's time to do something about the pump.

I'll post to your new thread. It will be nice to get an idea of the current range different pumps draw.


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