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Joseph Bauers
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123 windshield wiper problem

In my 1979 300TD wagon, I have just experienced a most perplexing problem. I turned on the wipers today in a brief rain, and they worked fine. When I went to turn them off, they would NOT turn off. The switch on the turn signal stalk works in the fast position and the normal position, but it won't work in the delayed wiper posion and it won't turn them off. I had to pull the fuse to avoid driving with wipers moving on my dry windshield.

I assumed the probem was most likely the switch, so I took a unit I had taken off a parts car and connected the big plug from it in place of the big plug from the one still on the car--but the results were the same.

I suppose there could be two bad switches, but I wonder if a bad relay could cause this problem. Anyone with any knowledge of this strange phenomenon would be most appreciated.
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