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No she shouldn't go into another career field but her grandchildren will have to. If they choose to start a family. I've been a pediatric registered nurse for 16 years. When I started 16 years ago, I saw 3 or 4 kids a month in the hospital with asthma. I have always worked in major cities, Los Angeles and now SF. This year I take care of, on average 7 to 8 kids a month with asthma needing lots of oxygen and at least 2 days in the hospital to recover. No, we aren't polluting the air!

I digress, isn't it funny how NOT enough countries invest in the infinite source of SOLAR and hydro energy we have above and instead spend billions to drill and deforest below? A very limited source. But of course Exxon doesn't care after posting a $39.5 BILLION profit for 2006. How much corruption power can that kind of money buy?? I recently heard from one of my veggie oil/biodiesel friends that Texas officially banned biodiesel in 11 counties? Gee, wonder how that happened? Based on a slight 2% increase in NO2 emission? When at the same time there is 40% LESS carbon monoxide emission? It's ridiculous, this is true.
Gee I wonder who paid off those "independent scientist" $10,000 each to run "independent " studies to disprove global warming? This has been on the news. I don't believe EVERYTHING I see/hear but . . . no reason to make that up. Those stupid scientists could be bought off that easily too!
When will people care enough to be responsible stewards of this only earth? When it is too late because right now, we just want to have fun driving our big a--- SUVs!
Yes, that is what I think, sarcasm included free of charge.
It never ends!
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