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The thermostat was getting worse, not only it took quite long time to reach 80, but also after it reached 80, it went all the way to 110, I had to turn on heater to cool the engine.

Ordered a 80 C thermostat from Partshop, but just couldn't wait for a week.

Yesterday I took out the old thermostat, and brought it to local Canadian Tire store, I was very lucky to find a one with the same diameter, the gasket fits perfectly. It's a MotorRad brand high flow thermostat, only difference is that it's 192 F (90 C), and it cost only 22 Canadian$ (14 USD).

Now the engine warms up super fast, and the needle stays one line above 80 degree, I guess it should be 90 C.

Can I use this 90 C thomerstat for this whole winter and use the OEM 80 C when it gets warm? An extra 10 degree makes me feel warmer in Canadian winter, I hope this M119 engine is not very sensitive to coolant temperature.

BTW, the original thermostat from the car was very bad, I easily pulled out the center push rod by my hand.

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