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from the RO:

1) performed elec test and found stop lamp swith signal to EA module intermittently inop due to high voltage drop at switch contacts (3.2V)= replaced stop lam switch, cleared DTC & rechecked stop lamp operation OK

2) performed elec test, tested circuit 50 PWR OK (12.4V), tested trans gear position switch and found intermittently inop due to fad internal resistor (10kohms)= replaced safety neutral b/up swith, cleared DTC & rechecked switch, operation OK

3) surge in reverse: verified pblm. DTC checked and retrieved DTC 80/96/182/224. checked vacuum hose/intake for vacumm leak, none found, prepared elec test & verified all input/outputs were OK at HFM (pwr 12.4V/Gnd .05V) module except intermittent high TN signal. tested ISC voltage supply OK (12.3V) tested ISC actuator and found intermittently No CTP SW signal due to bad switch contacts inside ISC actuator, replaced ISC actuator, cleared DTC, rechecked and verified normal idle speed resumed and no MIL or DTC reset.

hope this helps
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