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Sunroof--rubber seal replacement

I'm having my roof re-sprayed due to some tree sap marks and several scratches near the rain gutter.

My body shop guy was asking me to get rubber seal replacements as he cannot guarantee that the seals will be reusable due to the age of the car. I figured I might as well have them replaced as they no longer look pristine.

Anyway, I was leafing through the parts fiche printouts and found the following seals for the sunroof:

124 780 00 98 Seal, Sliding roof plate (funny but parts shop lists this as a cable though)
126 782 06 98 Seal, 730mm
126 782 09 98 Seal, 830mm
124 782 04 98 Seal

Would anyone know which ones I would need replacing? Put another way, it seems to me the only part that looks like it might be damaged when taking off and putting the sunroof back on is the part first listed above. Do I have to replace the others as well?

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