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intermittant rough idle and long cranking fixed

On the 300 E both of the fuel pumps the fuel filter and the accumulater are mounted on rubberbands under the car at the right rear, forward of the axle. There is a plastic cover over them held on with four 11mm nuts. I removed the fuel line to the first pump and to the accumulater (clamp them off so fuel won't flow), then remove the wires to the pumps and the whole assembly can be taken off of the rubber mounts. It was much easier to work on on the bench. The checkvalve is at the output end of each pump a 17mm flarenut wrench,a 17mm open end I believe a 14mm open end were required. Try not to round off any corners
on the pump housing. You have to get the new valve on very tight (use the new copper washers) to prevent leaks. Reassemble in the reverse and
test for leaks. Keep in mind you will be working with gasoline and don't cause any sparks. You could disconnect the battery for an extra margin of safety.
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