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William Toth
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Question 72 350 SL Loping Idle & No Power

We have a 72 350SL that has developed a loping idle problem and no power . The vehicle has 93,000 miles on it . We did a complete tune up , cap , rotor, points, plugs, wires, fuel filter . All of the parts were originals . The coil was also replaced , the tower had shorted badly to ground . Once the engine warms up it will idle but you can not accelerate at all , it begins to chug and miss . The fuel has been checked and is ok , firing lines on scope appear to be fine . We are not familiar with the transistorized module in the left fender well . What are the simptoms when it is going bad??? Also is there a way to check the on board computer. Can we also purchase parts from you ?? Everyone in the shop is pulling their hair out on this one , including the customer who calls regularly. Any help would be greatly appreciated on this one .


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