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Originally Posted by winmutt View Post
I pulled these off a euro today and want to sell them. I am a reasonable man and the first reasonable offer will be accepted. I could put these on E-bay but I'd rather someone from here got them I'll even deliver within 150 mile radius. (meeting benz nuts make me feel like my obsession is not as bad as my wife makes it out to be).

The rear is 3 piece which I thought odd, my 83 euro has a one piece but the part # on the bumper was 123xxx. Anyways the rear is in excellent if not perfect condition. The front has been tapped but is serviceable and unnoticeable when mounted.

Please respond in pm.
The three piece rear bumper is for a coupe or a 280 sedan. They were considered deluxe bumpers compared to the standard 1 piece that are on all other sedans except the 280.

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