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I had a few of those pins that were very stuck and came out with a real "pop". I bought screw-type tool that is sold for this purpose but even after spending $50 it took some fooling around with (stacking washers) on the 380 (116) because the shape of the head is different than on a 560 (117).

This WILL work, but be aware of the following:

1. Use a grade 8+ bolt, and lots of threads (thread all of the way possible). Stripping the pin or breaking it would be a disaster.

2. ALWAYS keep the bolt absolutely 90 degrees perpendicular to the head. I know that this is tricky because of the ledge but you gotta do it in your case by stacking the right number of washers/spacers. You do not want to bend (bad) or break (EXTREMELY bad) the bolt in the pin.

BTW the expandable sinker (?) is a great idea.
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