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Angry Woke up to shattered glass EVERYWHERE!!

Well guys, my 560SEL was raped! As I walked out of a friend's apartment this morning, I noticed what looked like (at a distance) my front passenger door closed but not all the way which looked strange because I figured no one was on that side but maybe I didn't fully close it. As I walked closer to the car to "bump" the door closed, I noticed my glove compartment open with my crap all over the place, and wires where my CD unit USED to be! As shocked as I was I assumed the door was unlocked (which I NEVER leave unlocked so...)Then I looked up to notice the rear seat to find glass all over the place which explained that they broke the glass to get in.I can only guess that someone was watching me because I didn't get in until about 4:30am and was leaving at 6:30am! The real bi-tch part about it is the fact that I've NEVER left my radio in the car because its a simple flip face and this ONE TIME I was sooo beat after DJing I figured I'm gonna be right outta here and just grabbed the stuff I could and left.Anyway, they got about 300 CD's that were in 3 binders under the seat,checkbook,organizer,but the idiot didn't take my digital camera that was in my bag they went through (because it was a lot a corporate papers in there I guess they thought it wouldn't be anything there they'd want).Also luckily my CD burners,records mixer was in the trunk! Anyway I've gotta friend who owns a glass company sending one of his guys up to the job to replace my glass for no charge (favors are good!) Damn shame the so called radio anti theft alarm doesn't go off when you break the friggin' glass or at least MINE didn't! On top of that, instead of just removing the antennae from the unit, they broke the wire so I have to replace the whole thing with another head unit to boot! I've got another sound system for it and will be jamming by this evening but a crapload of the CD's aren't replaceable because I've collected CD's from different countries and the theif will probably toss em because he can't "relate"! Also noticed a dry blood run down my rear drivers side passenger door probably from the stupid bastard reaching in to unlock the door when he broke the glass! I hope he slit his damn wrist! Anyway, just had to vent and there will be another alarm on her by this weekend!!! Moral of this story if any: I don't care HOW tired and sleepy you are, especially if you have something as easy to remove as a flip face head unit in your car...remove it when you leave your car whether for a minute or a couple of hours. SOB...SOB...SOB...SOB...SOB!!!!
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