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Well, to compare a Cadillac or Lincoln to a MB is somewhat like comparing a Gold Bulova to a Gold Rolex. Yeah, they are both gold watches, but the Bulova is expensive because it is gold. The Rolex is expensive because it is a rolex. A mercedes is a luxury car because it is a mercedes, and what I mean is because of the build quality, engineering, and style. A cadillac or lincoln is a luxury car because of the options and nameplate value (which, I hear, is a problem with newer mb's). This is more of a lincoln problem than cadillac, because, truthfully, my Town Car is an uprated Ford Crown Victoria. It has options that a CV doesn't, like Leather, Simulated Convertible Top, Gold Emblems, Keyless, Electronic Climate Control, and JBL Stereo (kinda like bose). The Town Car is also my most reliable car, and easiest to repair, as well as the cheapest to get parts for. (My cadillac is a northstar, so everything except for an oil filter has to come from a GM dealership). The cadillac is pretty reliable (it has 185k miles), right now it is laid up for a bad wheel speed sensor (i.e. replacement of $200 hub bearing), and a leaky brake line, but I've never had to have any engine repairs done, nor did the previous owner. The mercedes, well its a benz . I have had some climate control problems (I finally fixed them, myself ), minor oil leaks (still working on it), and lots of regularly scheduled maintenence. Needs the front end work mentioned in this post done, too. But, if a luxury name with economy maintenence is your gig, buy a Town Car. If you want a luxury car, that requires a little more, get a Cadillac. If you want something, "Engineered like no other car in the World", well, you have to get a product of Daimler-Benz AG. (Not going to mention Rolls-Royce
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