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Success at last

Finally got it running on veg oil! The solution? Disconnecting veg lines one at a time to bleed air, first through lines from veg tank, then after the vormax heater/filter, then after the pollack, finally after the LP. This way I would know that each component was bled and checked out. I must have drawn at least 10 litres of veg oil through the process. I can't say why I had so much trouble earlier, except that maybe disconnecting the looped return and letting it run into a jar was causing me more problems than it was helping. And maybe the hand vacuum pump was able to draw vegoil to bleed the air better than my (old version) primer pump.

After bleeding through the LP I just connected the lines, started on diesel and after engine was fully warm switched to vegoil. Engine didn't even hiccup, and it ran for 10-15 minutes on vegoil. Now that I've finally got the system working, it's time to retire my rusted out 92 Saturn and start driving in style, and with a cleaner conscience (the Saturn was a real oil-burner!)

I still may need to add an electric pump at the veg tank. It's still well below freezing in Southern Ontario and once I start parking the car outside (it's been in a heated garage through the whole conversion process) I may have trouble with my stock LP pulling the thicker WVO. A local supplier can get me a 10-14 PSI pump for $90 CDN. Seems a bit pricy. And 10-14 PSI seems overkill. Any thoughts?

On another note, anyone ever replace an inner CV boot with a split boot to avoid removing the rear axle? If so, where can you get a split boot?
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