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recently had my '94 E320 Coupe alignment suspect when I put new P6000 summer 195/65/VR15's on stock wheels....stock suspension

>alignment adjustments were within spec (3 times inspected)
>suspension/chassis/hubs/ steering all tight and healthy
>lugs torqued to OEM spec
>wheel balancing OK
>wheels not bent, wheels not a bit of scrape/pot mark/curb rash
>no accidents or fender benders
>hadn't run over boulders or the Grand Canyon
>no foreign objects embedded in the tire or car....
>...thought of contacting the almighty for some spiritual guidance

...turned out to be a tire with tread a bit higher on one side vs. the other (tire tread irregularity- due to faulty production or mold'ing)...'causing the car to pull or track to one side

amazing!...maybe this might be applicable in your case? good luck and let us know what turns out

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