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Splash Guard

On a trip in L.A. a few months ago I was sailing along on the 101 headed to Santa Barbara when all of of sudden I heard a loud pop and a sound like a high pressure hose rupturing. Upon slowing down from about 85 MPH I pulled off to the side of the road I looked under the front of the car and there hung the splash guard with both front fasteners missing. Pulled into a garage and had them put the W 140 on a hoist and remove the splash guard completely. Charge was $38. When I got back to Phoenix I told my service advisor about it and he promptly had a new one installed, at no cost to me, since I had just had an oil change prior to the trip and the technician must have left the front fasteners loose. When I asked why the guard was in place I was told "for aerodynamics at high speed", so I make sure I drive as often as possible at high speed, conditions permitting.
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