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Hey Kerry,

It has 106,700 miles. No engine work has been performed *yet*, although timing chain and guide rails will replaced at 110-115k miles. Lifters are soemwhat loud and hope to replace them this winter.

It runs and starts like a charm, uses no oil, and beside the noisy lifters issue not much to complain about BUT, the car could be a *bit* smoother at idle when the motor is cold-- first 5-10 mins of running. It doesnt stumble and the tach is rock steady at the corrects RPMs when it's at a stoplight in "drive" or in "park", but it could be a smoother. I did run some Techron through it last winter, but I don't think it did anything.

I was wondering if it might be the injectors? I don't think it's the motor mounts, as it smooth as silk when I rev it...
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