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I have a friend whose car was stolen right out of his own driveway!

He was more pissed about a specific hat that he had in the car than the car itself.

It is amazing what some people will take.

I had another friend whose car was stolen. The car had a coolant leak she was going to get fixed that day, and the thieves did not know this so the car overheated and the engine was toast.

My truck was once broken into, they left everything but my school bag (I was in high school at the time) and it had my entire semesters worth of notes because it was finals week!!!

My truck had the radio stolen from it as well at a party, but my brother had borrowed it and left the unit in the car.

It really sucks when your car gets broken into, but it sucks even more when you lose something irreplacable, such as your Entire CD collection, sure lots can be replaced, but like you said, some where from around the globe.

I agree on the DNA Idea. It might not be a bad one to have the guys DNA on file or so, perhaps he has a record already with DNA on file and his DNA would ID him.

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