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I have 3 small kids, and use the rear hatch a LOT. Eventually the wiring shorted-in my case the rear hatch wouldn't lock along with the rest of the locking system. Also, when you raised the hatch the license plate illumination lights flickered on. In that I intend to keep this car forever, I popped for a new wiring harness (2 parts actually)and replaced the struts as well. The struts last me 3-4 years a set.

FYI I bought the car w/ 68k mi in June of '96; it now has 174k mi., runs as new and burns no oil at all. No tranny work, only motor work has been the classic top end (guides, seals, head gasket @ 160k). I use synthetics throughout. Have had to do the rear main crank seal twice, though; I just installed a 1mm offset seal, so we'll see if it lasts more than the 75k the last one did.

GREAT car overall, and as a wagon in a class by itself.
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