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Email this lady (Nancy Wessell): She's a dealer, works for herself and buys cars to order only. She is a specialist, as strange as this sounds, for E320 4matic wagons and sedans. Her fiancee (sp?) Tommy is a Benz mechanic that spent years at a dealership.

Tell her Bruce Mendel sent you, that you're a friend of mine from the Benz forums, and she will take good care of you. She can get just about anything, and has been doing this for over fifteen years. She only buys nice cars, will give you a complete and accurate description of the good and bad. Sometimes she's too blunt and scares people off, even though she knows how they'll turn out when she's finished with them.

Then if you want all the little stuff done before you take delivery, Tommy, her fiancee, can do it at reasonable prices, and she can also get keys, books, mats, whatever is missing or extra stuff you want.

Good luck. Also, no obligation of course, email her and see, can't hurt! She sells extended warranties too.

I bought my first Benz from her, a mint 420SEL, over a decade ago and we became friends and probably talk once a week. One warning, if you wind up calling her, and you probably will for a deal of this amount of money, make sure you have PLENTY of free time, she'll talk your ear off. But she's a riot, and very (brutally) honest. She's located in northwest NJ and also works out of PA.

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