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Unhappy 230E Stalling!

The car is a 1993 German built 230E (124 023 first 6 vin #).
It is 4 cyl, with AC and auto transmission, and fuel injection.... I just got it in country from the importers, the car is new to me....

I replaced the fuel pump, Fliter, and cleaned the tank and hoses.

The fuel relay has been replaced, then when the problem kept happening they jumpered it, it stilled happened so I have the original relay in the car....

The car water temp runs at 85 degrees, even in traffic and maybe if it is really hot out almost to 95.... NEVER ABOVE!

It starts fine, then runs for an hour or so, especially when sitting at Idle in traffic when you go to move a few feet forward, it sputters, backfire, chugs, then stalls, you can force it to high RPM in neutral with fancy use of the throttle, (still backfiring) but when you let it idle it stalls! Like the timing has changed.

Let it sit 5 minutes and you can drive it again!

Coil or Cranksensor???? I know where the coil is, but haven't a clue about the CS??

We don't dare use the car, only let it run it the driveway, and around the campound, too many unfriendlies around, so you see I need a car to depend on....

Please help!

Joe In Nigeria
Beautiful Car!
Wish It Ran Beautiful!
Help Please!
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