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HELP WITH 190E 2.3 Head Rebuilt!!!!

As soon as winter break starts, I will also start working on my 190E. My work includes replacing timing chain tensioner, timing chain, valve stem seals (perhaps rebuilding the head), engine mounts, gutting precats and catalyc converter, and also replacement of rear shocks (I may go with a suspension package with lowering springs).
My main Concern is rebuilding the head. I have never done this before so please let me know what I am going to face before really facing it. I would like to be prepared for this since this is the most important part of the work.
1) Are there any main concerns regarding the change of valve stem seals, or changing the timing chain?
2) What tools do I need to rent from my local tools rental shop?
3) How can I keep correct timing after reinstallation of the head?
I have almost 200K on my motor, and since I love this car, I want to keep it on the road hopfully forever. Any other thoughts and opinions you have are much appreciated and are encouraged!!
Thanks in Advance for your replies!!!

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