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You have never rebuilt a head on any engine? If not, you may be in some trouble before you get started. The first thing you should do is use the search feature here to look up things. There was a post a little while back of a fellow that rebuilt his 2.3 head. You can do as he did: take off the head, give it to an engine machine shop and then re-install it. This is still difficult, but not as bad. If you have never done it, then it will take a long time and you will need pullers, torque wrench, feeler gauges, valve spring compressor and who know what all.
Good luck with your task, but you may have a lot of reading to do first.

PS: A better subject to your post would be: Help needed with 2.3 head rebuild.
People with experience could recognize your post as something to which they could contribute.
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