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I would recommend carrying extra filters, tools needed to change them, and a qt of atf or sea foam, to fill the spin on should you need to change it.

replacing filters every tank ful is throwing money away. I blend, and have about 4500m on my spin-on, and have changed the inline twice in that time. the only reason I've had to do that is I did not dewater godd enough, and developed fungus in the tank. or maybe that was from dumpster diving. regardless, I use biocide now, in everytank.

I have run 10k+ last summer on 100% wvo, and blend in the winter. one tank. I use a home-made gloplug heater, and injection line heaters.I recently built a filter heater for the stock filter. I do have a few Injector line heaters available, to members, for $25 shipped.PM's work. I may be offering the filter wrap soon.

I started light- about 50-50. last spring. I now blend according to weather. i only fill up when i need to use the car, adding aprox. what i need. this is not really inconveinant, as I fuel up in the garage. I always leave room so i can go top up on diesel, if the weather turns bad. so far, so good.

I had my car start at -25F, with about 10-15% wvo, no block heater.

you will be surprised by how smooth and quiet your benz is on grease.

this is a gamble that everyone must make for themselves. it is risky. my engine my self destruct tommorow. or it may go another 285K, no problem.
I doubt either one. somewhere in the middle is what will probably happen.

good luck,mo
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