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I'm sorry to be such a hard headed manual transmission bigot.

Most of the US Automotive rags reflect the sentiment of 90% or so of the American driving public. That is, they like automatics. The articles almost always favor the automatic, because the person writing can't drive a stick very well, or has very little experience with them. This bias shows up in comments.

The automatics are getting much more efficient now than they were in '88 with computer control and other improvements, there are all sorts of things they can do with them.

In '88 I believe there was not near as much technology or concern put toward the automatic by MB.

Like I say I'm a manual bigot and admit it. I don't care what they
EVER do with automatic transmission technology, I still want an automatic.

If my casket has an automatic transmission, I will come back and haunt everyone that had anything to do with the decision. Once I'm in that casket, I figure if I go upstairs thereafter, I will be met with a great car with a manual transmission. If I go downstairs, it will definitely be an automatic, this is enough to make me behave myself. The thought of eternity with an automatic transmission is VERY scary.

Stick Shifts Forever,
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