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Smile Need info for my new 1983 230E 4spd Eurospec

Hi, I recently acquired a 1983 230E 4 spd, a graymarket car up here in Canada. It is beautiful and I am in the process of tuning her up. Could somebody please tell me what the OEM spark plug gap is for this car (My wifes keyboard is french and I can`t find the question mark) I have searched the threads and a lot of people seem to suggest 1mm as a good general setting but I have no point of reference. (No owners manual with the car)

Also, does the 230E have hydraulic valve lifters like the 190E 2.3, similair engine but there is a german (illegible) label that appears to indicate some adjustment.

I would greatly appreciate any help that you could give.
Almost mint 1983 230E eurospec.
Honda civic for those not so mint moments.
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