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230 E Coil Questions

Thanks for the location of the crank sensor, I guess I need to remove the oil filter before I can get at it....

Okay about spark after it stalls in traffic, the very second it stalls if you turn the key off, then ON for start the car will start if you force it to (play with the gas pedal) and then will back fire and pop up thru the injector intake... you can force it to run at higher RPM (2000+) but the second you take your foot off the gas the engine is stalled again, the only thing to do is to let it sit the 5 minutes or so and restart like nothing ever happened!

Also if you let it sit running in the driveway, to test it... after a hour it will still be at idle but if you try to rev it up, you get the backfires and the same mess as before...

Guys, Nigeria, Africa is not a place my family and I can afford to stall every time we are in traffic, so we haven't used the car since the problem came to up.... It is a new car for us..

This problem will be solved.....

1993 230 E (European version) , 4 cyl, gas, built for Unleaded fuel, Auto Trans, fuel injection.... Water temp norm 85 max 95,

** New Fuel Pump
** New Fuel Filter
** New Fuel Pump relay
** Flushes out Tank and hoses

Looking At:: Crank Sensor or Coil or both to be sure

Thanks to all!

Joe in Nigeria
Beautiful Car!
Wish It Ran Beautiful!
Help Please!
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