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Originally Posted by babymog View Post
I use RedLine Diesel Fuel Catalyst, same as RedLine 85+ only different label, good lubricant/cetane improver/cleaner.
Not quite...
The Catalyst works way better, but will kill trap-Ox and catalytic converters (if present), thus the 85 version strips out a couple chemicals.

I use the Catalyst + RL-2 ignition improver. They both are cetane boosters, but have different cleaning packages (the Catalyst is mostly a water dispersant / stabilizer, while the RL-2 is an injector cleaner and promotes an even flame front). I blend the two in a 1 gallon jug then fill with old SVO (not WVO) as available, or plain 'ol diesel, then mix 1/10 gallon per tankful of fuel.
As I've been running this mix I've noticed a continual gradual improvement. From 2.5 cyl nailing down to none, from 2 cyl mis-firing fairly regularly down to one occasionally.

'83 300D Turbo
Current: ???K mi - 19.2mpg -> 17.4mpg -> 22.9mpg ---> ODO Died
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