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Originally Posted by dmorrison View Post
Have not tried Lagavulin or Ardbeg. Would be interesting to do over in Scotland.

The link says the Lagavulin is strong peat and iodine in flavor. I find the Laphroaig to be strong in peat and a slight hint of ocean air. The Ardbeg also sounds interesting.
Both are excellent. I'm more of a speyside fan, Ardbeg nam biest needs a dash of water to open the nose, else it is like drinking smoked peat with an iodine chaser.

If you want something else I can highly recommend any of the 15yo Aberlour's, though the double matured port/sherrey is best. The Glenmorainge Morgaux is bar none the single best scotch I've ever tasted, at $500+ per bottle though I can not recommend it in good concience (please note I did not buy a bottle, mearly a half ounce taste ).
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