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Wiring Harness Survey

I'm having wiring harness related troubles with my 93 500E. I wanted to tap into the collective experience of my fellow 500E owners who've had their harness/es replaced.

As stated in another thread, the wires going to the temp sender and temp sensor were frayed. Car was sputtering on idle and initial take off. Upon unplugging the blue sensor, systems were back to normal (although aux. fan is always on). There are several (not all) dash lights that are intermittently on.

It seems like the problem (currently) lies with harness 124 440 20 06 (pic below) but I'm debating on whether I should be replacing all harnesses at this point.

I wanted to find out, from those who have had their harnesses replaced:

1) Which harness did you replace? Please post part no. or refer to diagrams below.
2) What was total labor time charged?
3) What were the symptoms being exhibited by your car, if any, which led to the replacement of the harness/es?
4) Year and mileage please.


I guess this would help all others who, at some point, would be faced with the same problems in the future.

The fist harness carries a part number of 124 440 20 06 and is a $300-400 part. It seems like this is the one that is most likely to fail due to its proximity to the hot parts of the motor.

This is the other harness. (124 440 54 05, approx $1400-1600) I was hoping that this one isn't prone to failing/grounding/shorting as it's really expensive. Don't want to have to replace this one too!

(click on pics to for a larger view)

Techs, feel free to chime in with any advice....Thanks!
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