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No, really, we don't laught at anyones question

But, I really don't know what you mean by the headlight bezels. The lights on your car are different then my W123, but I think pretty much the same system is used to remove the headlight in all Benz cars of this vintage. Open the hood and behind the headlight is the electrical connector, one for sure and possibly two. This electrical connector or connectors will have to be disconnected from the light assembly. Then around the light, on the back side are three large plastic nuts, designed to be turned loose by hand. On my car I think they are round and white , about as big in diameter as a quarter. Turn them all the way off and you should have the complete headlamp assembly in your hand in about 5 minutes. At that point you should be able to exchange any part on the assembly and reinstall is as easy as taking it out. It can be a little dirty in there, a pair of gloves would probably serve you well.
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