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Be careful when buying an extended warranty. What you are buying is actually an insurance policy, but without any guarantee that the insurer will be there when you file a claim. I was offered one recently when buying a car that would have been more expensive, monthly, than my homeowner's insurance - for a car worth 1/20th of what the house is. But there is no regulation on these companies, and if they go out of business - take the money and run, you're without recourse.

By the way, on the warranty I mentioned above, the woman doing the paperwork at the dealer who's job it is to sell this thing, got up from her desk, started ranting about what would I do if the car broke down? Carrying on and doing the most incredible hard sell. Harder than the sales person who sold the car to me a few minutes earlier. Usually, the rule should be, if you can afford the product, you can afford the repairs.

I always advise against buying extended warranties for any product. It's a rip off. And the car dealers make out very well on them.
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