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tom's 87
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Question 78 280E fuel delivery problem

Please help. I recently obtained a 78 280E 87000 miles that was in storage for 5 years, unfortunately the fuel went bad. I have replaced the fuel filter, and blew out the fuel lines. There is no fuel getting to the injection unit. My theory is that there is jelled fuel in the fuel pump, or the fuel pump if frozen. Is there any way to clean it our without replacing it, new pump is $400. A friens suggested reversing polarity to get the pump to spin backwards, but I am catious about reversing polarity. I checked to see if there is current getting to the pump, and it checks out fine. Should I be able to hear or feel the pumps mechanism working? Any suggestions. Does any one know what this car may be worth before I start spending $$ on new parts. I love this car as it reminds me of my first MB -79 240D. Thanks.
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