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what bizzare advice!

FIRST, to the "bruce" guy...ANYBODY...especially a dealer...WHO SENDS A CAR CLEAR ACROSS THE COUNTRY ON "APPROVAL" is charging $4k above high retail for the car. do you really expect us to believe that someone just buys a car then ships it 1500 miles for the approval of a total stranger? are you insane? who would eat a $1600. shipping bill on a whim? what nut would incur the liability for damages, theft, etc.? come on, dude. no one would even think of that without having payment in full & clearing the bank!

second, regarding the warranty. even with a pre-purchase inspection by a trusted shop, it would be ludicrous to buy a used Benz without warranty protection. This Preferred outfit is a reputable one and a 3 year warranty with good coverage is easily worth over $3K. and should include a hi-tech coverage. just replacing the faulty blower motor on that car is easily worth $1500. and we all know it WILL go bad. so, why would'nt you take the protection? the ones to stay away from are the companies who offer 3 year coverage for a couple of hundred bucks. it only common sense. the more exposure, the greater the cost.

buyer, do yourself a favor. take the warranty. don't be pennywise & pound foolish. and especially don't listen to these guys who badmouth dealers just because.

most states have very strict laws regarding these service/insurance contracts. in the worst case, if the company goes out of business, you can ultimately recoup the value of the product. what you need to understand is what the benefits are. don't expect to get OEM-type coverage. look for labor rates, gasket/seal coverage and the like. sometimes there will be a per-incident dollar limit. look at the fine print. if it makes dollar it. I have sold cars with these products and have seen customers save thousands of $$ on a first repair. we won't sell any used Benz-Bimmer-Porsche without one because I don't want to hear it when something breaks...which it will no matter how clean the car is.
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