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tail light seal replacement

Hello all,

I am replacing one of the tail light seals (both leak, but one thing at a time, please) and I notice that there seems to be some sort of adhesive in some areas of the sealing flange. Along the top of the tail light the "caulking" seems like it is smeared all over the place, as if someone was trying to stop a leak without removing and replacing the seal. It does not look like an original installation.

I looked at the other tail light, it does not seem to have the excess sealant smeared around, although it does show evidence of a some sealant. I have not tried to dismantle that side yet, so I can not really tell if it is identical to the one I have apart.

My question: is a sealant required along the sealing flange when replacing the tail light seal?

I think the trunk lid seal and door seals use some sort of adhesive to hold them in place, but a tail light does not move after installation, unlike the doors and trunk lid. I am leaning toward not using a sealant or adhesive for the tail light seal, but would appreciate the input of the techs on this site, before I reassemble the tail light and seal.

Thanks again,
Doug Vazquez
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