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Back to the electrical again

I checked the fuel distributor and everything seems to be in order, so I had another electronic technician to take a look at my car and he came up with the following.
When we start the vehicle, the current on the frequency valve measures 9.2 volt.
We have no voltage from the lambda supply relay pin # 1 to any connectors to the lambda control unit. We know that # 1 pin from the lambda supply relay goes to pin # 8 on the lambda control, but the schematics I have don't show exactly which one is the # 8 pin on the lambda.
I also need to know if the # 1 wire from the lambda relay goes straight to the lambda control or not, since I really can't tell with all the wires under the dash.
If the wire connects straight to the lambda control, can I run a new power wire to the lambda and disconnect the old one ?

Any help would be appreciated.

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