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Question All wheel drive recommendations ?

No sooner do I finish up on my '87 560SEL (new dash and seats, valve job, replacing self-levelling rear suspension with "standard" version from a 420SEL, rubbing peanut butter on the door handles, etc...) than I find myself moving a new town... one with steep steep roads and 20+ feet of snow a year. So my beloved Big Body Benz has now become my summer car and it's time to look for a winter ride - which will have to be AWD, since even if you are the world's best driver the highway patrol will make you stop and put chains on a 2WD.

There's not many options apparently, in AWD sedans. After the W124 (90-93) 4matics, there was apparently a gap of several years where MB didn't make AWD cars. This probably would have been the age car I would have gone for, so now I have to decide between the older models (more maintainence than I want to do) or the newer (more $ than I want to spend). Any opinions on this? Or are there any other cars I should consider? I did like the early 90s Audi V8 Quattros but think that could too easily turn into a maintenence nightmare. Maybe AMG or someone else made a tricked out 4matic that would make me feel better about the extra cash?

Hopefully I won't have to buy a Subaru and bring shame to my family.

Too bad there was no W126 4matic. No THAT would be a nice ride.

87 560SEL 130000 Miles
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