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Joe - this site is like a bank with lots of resources you can bank on. All you need is to fill in the right account details via the search docket, and you'd get to withdraw comments. To deposit comments, click on the relevant instructions.

For example, on the Search form, fill out the details on Stalling. You may add the other key word "hot".

You'd get, like I did, the following (and lots more others) threads:

95 E320 Wagon - Mysterious Stalling Over Last 15 Months

'87 300E Stalling

Correlation between high engine temps and stalling?

16 valve stalling


Stalling 300E

450SEL Stalling

Some may or may not be relevant. But it is a start. Hopefully, you'd be able to deposit some good comments and experiences in order that others here may share the interests.

Good luck, Joe.
... Kerry

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