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Exclamation W126 Visible fuel leak on intake manifold!

'87 W126 (560 SEL) 164K I have done a search, nothing like this I have read yet. I have a visible fuel leak on my intake manifold behind the air filter housing. After going out for breakfast I thought it was the car in front of me until I arrived home. VERY strong odor of gas. With a flashlight I can see where fuel is 'pooling' up in a crevice of the intake manifold. There also might be a leak by the distributor, the sensor that stands vertically right behind the distributor, not sure if that is a cold start sensor?, but a smell of gas is too close to the distributor in my opinion. I don't want my baby to catch fire! The tank is only half full and no there is no smell of fuel coming from the rear near the fuel pump (back one) It was about 58 degrees this morning, cold start have something to do with it? I have started it after the fumes dissipated and it seems to be running normal with no smell of fuel in the engine compartment. Now that it is warmed up it does not leak?

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