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Now You're Scaring Me. I Just Bought...

a "factory exec" 240 6 speed. This is my first post. It has 9k miles on it. I love it (hey why else would I have bought it ?) for it's more relaxed presentation than an equivalent BMW.

They didn't offer me an extended warranty (yet). The electrical/digital giz-mos of the car cause me some reliability concerns, though I've yet to have my first problem (I've owned it a day).

I'd like to buy an extended warranty to cover things, if possible.

I do think/hope that these bugs probably will be worked out within the first 10k miles. After all, it looks like MB did their homework on most aspects of the car.

Just thought I'd drop in.

BTW, the other cars mentioned probably are reliable as rain, but, again, why drive them ?
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